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Siddhart Acharya

‘Clear regulatory guidelines around crypto can boost investor sentiment.’

At a time when more people are learning about crypto assets and investing in them, clear regulatory guidelines around virtual currencies will boost investor sentiment, said industry experts. “At Zebpay, we have seen over five times increase (year-on-year) in the number of users from last years. This is despite the lack of clear regulation around crypto,” said Avinash Shekhar. Co-CEO…

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Rizwan Sayed

Rizwan Sayed YFC Brand founder on the Coming boom of Fitness, Wellness & Nutrition Industry Post Pandemic

With the ongoing pandemic affecting many lives, people have started to turn to methods to improve their health. This includes eating healthier as well as exercising. But even prior to the pandemic, many people have been trying to change their lifestyle, and tread on a healthier part for long and fruitful life. Exercising and working out play a crucial role in…

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