ChalkBoard Academy Disrupting Inclusive Online Education

Pune, 23rd April 2021: ChalkBoard Academy, knowledge management EduTech startup is working at creating an impactful disruption in the field of education. Being one of the ambitious startups born out of the pandemic in 2020, ChalkBoard Academy now has students from all over the country, learning different subjects.

“2021 was a great opportunity for us to think of extending our reach beyond the mainstream. It took some planning, and we believe we are taking really positive strides in the direction of normalizing ‘alternative’ education”, says founder Ram Kayarat. To this end, ChalkBoard Academy has launched their Indian Sign Language course online. 

The Indian Sign Language course is a step towards reducing the gap between the linguistic majority and minority. As of April 2021, there are still less than 2000 Indian Sign Language tutors and translators in India. “As a well-known multilingual nation, it is still a surprise that we do not have schools teaching Indian Sign Language, which has more benefits than just communication”, quipped Sheetal Ramkumar. Sheetal Ramkumar is an advisor with ChalkBoard Academy and is the CEO of Asia’s largest language service provider.

ChalkBoard Academy is also tying up with NGOs to increase the reach of it’s course amongst those who want to have a better fluency in communication with the deaf and mute. “Sign language works well on the dexterity and intelligence building in children. This should be reason enough to have your children introduced to it at an early age. That is when they pick it up sooner”, said Mohit Lokhande of ChalkBoard Academy.

ChalkBoard Academy is also planning on making their Six Sigma and mainstream K12 courses sign language inclusive. Ram Kayarat clarified, “The idea is to go back to basics and make sure that the courses are the same for all, while ensuring that the communication in it is all inclusive”.

To sign up for the Indian Sign Language course CLICK HERE! 

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