Three more world records recorded in the name of Dr. Bhasker Sharma

New Delhi, 20.May.2021: Dr. Bhasker Sharma, who holds hundreds of world records including world-famous homeopathic doctor and Guinness World Record, has made three more world records. Dr. Sharma has been given this world record by the Amazing Book of World Records, Awesome Book of World Records, Creative Book of International Records  Dr. Bhasker Sharma holds this world record on 19 May 2021 by Dr. Bhasker Sharma for organizing the maximum Global Homeopathy Conferences during the pandemic period. In this record, Dr. Bhaskar Sharma has organized 55 Global Homeopathic Conferences with 16 countries during the period of epidemic. All three Asia heads of the Book of World Records gave three times to Dr. Bhasker Sharma and said that Dr. Bhasker Sharma Homeopathy is another name Through which the amazing works are being done for the promotion and development of homeopathy. Whenever India talks about homeopathy in the country, Dr. Sharma is given the top position. The efforts being made by him will prove to be effective in making the whole world healthy. All the best for Dr. Bhasker Sharma’s long conceptions. Dr. Sharma Previously speaking for 14 hours 9 minutes continuously on the subject of the Importance of Homeopathic in London in the year 2015, 14 hours 8 minutes in Dubai on 22 March 2019 on the topic of Use of Homeopathy Improving Immunity Well Being, Kathmandu on 18 January 2019 Speak for 11 hours 6 minutes on Child Care and Homeopathy Well Being, 14 hours 16 minutes on Homeopathy Cure of Disease Well Being in Bangkok on 22 June 2018, 10 hours 6 minutes on Homeopathy and Gastritis in Kathmandu on 27 August 2017, 27 November Homeopathy in 2016 Has set a world record for making continuous statements in Kathmandu for 11 hours 14 minutes on End Renewal Calculus and 13 hours 7 minutes on 21 May 2014 on Homeopathy and Enlargement of Prostate Gland Well. Also on 13 December 2014 on Homeopathy and Arthritis 13 hours 17 minutes in Nagpur, on 4 July 2009 in Homeopathy and Skin Disease for 17 hours 4 minutes in Rajasthan, Speaking for 14 hours 6 minutes continuously on the subject of Role of Homeopathy and Human Well Being in Kathmandu on 7 August 2019, Homeopathy and Diabetes Well Being has set a world record for 16 hours 4 minutes in Patna on 16 May 2010.

It can be said that if Dr. Bhasker Sharma is also a man of the world record, then it would not be an exaggeration to tell that Dr. Bhaskar Sharma has made an incomparable contribution in the promotion of the homeopathic medicine system, for which he also received honors and awards from many national international institutions Dr. Sharma has already published more than 156 books of Homeopathy and Literature. Dr. Praveen Kumar Sharma Dr. Suresh Agarwal Dr. Shashikant Tiwari Dr. Madhu Pradhan Dr. Virendra Gupta Dr. OP Srivastava Dr. CL Yadav Sanjay Tripathi Dr. Amit Gupta Dr. Manoj Sharma Anjali Soni Prem Prakash Shrivastav Akhilendra Maurya etc. People congratulated him.

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